Pubdate: Thu, 23 Apr 2009
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2009 Boulder Weekly
Author: Timothy Tipton


Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative is encouraging concerned 
citizens to call the Boulder District Attorney to protest the 
prosecution of medical cannabis patient Jason Lauve.

Jason was severely injured when a snowboarder hit him from behind 
while Jason was waiting in a lift line at Eldora Ski Area. The 
accident left Jason permanently disabled and in severe chronic pain. 
Fortunately, cannabis helps control his pain. Jason found it was a 
safer, healthier and less expensive alternative to strong and 
addictive narcotics and nerve blockers. On his physician's advice, 
Jason obtained his Medical Marijuana Registry card in February 2005. 
He was in 100 percent compliance with all the laws and regulations 
required to use medicinal cannabis in Colorado.

However, in June 2008, Jason was arrested and charged with felony 
possession of marijuana by the Boulder District Attorney Stan 
Garnett. Why is DA Garnett so intent on pursuing felony charges 
against Jason, a legal patient with no previous criminal record?

Jason did nothing wrong and has followed the letter of the law at 
every step. Public officials like the Boulder DA need to educate 
themselves on how Colorado's Medical Marijuana law is supposed to 
protect patients from prosecution. Until they do, it's up to 
concerned citizens to put pressure on their elected officials to 
uphold the Constitution and stop arresting sick people. Please 
contact Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett and ask him to drop 
all charges against Jason Lauve and stop prosecuting patients.

Timothy Tipton/via Internet
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