Pubdate: Wed, 8 Apr 2009
Source: Tribune, The (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Copyright: 2009 The Tribune
Author: Lydia Snow


In response to a letter by Norm Jackson (March 31) concerning the use
of medicinal marijuana, I feel compelled to educate him with a short
story about my dad.

My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago and as his
system started to shut down, he refused to eat, even with a $600
prescription for marijuana in pill form, prescribed by his doctor.

We were able to obtain through friends regular marijuana and it was
utterly amazing the changes it evoked in him. He was able to eat
again, regained some of his strength and was more relaxed and in less

Sadly, he passed away as the lung cancer was too prolific, but the
improvements were remarkable while he was using the marijuana in
smoking form.

So I would be careful making statements out of ignorance such as Mr.
Jackson's comments that, "the drug dealers are using the 'medical'
argument as a front to push pot" and that "the active ingredient in
marijuana is available in prescription form," as the pill form did
nothing whatsoever for my dad and is also prohibitively expensive.

Medicinal marijuana should be available for those people who need it
for various medical conditions as my story illustrates, and I'm sure
there are many, many other stories out there just like my dad's.

Lydia Snow

Paso Robles
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