Pubdate: Mon, 13 Apr 2009
Source: Delaware County Daily Times (PA)
Copyright: 2009 The Daily Times
Author: Dorothy M. Paulley


To the Times:

Do any of our legislators, judges or law-enforcement officers realize 
how many deaths are reported in our daily newspapers from overdose or 
murder due to the use of drugs?

When discussing anyone dealing with drugs, whether we use the term 
drug cartel, drug lord or drug dealer, each describes an enemy of 
American society. They are directly responsible for any crime 
committed by those who need to obtain money to fuel their habit and 
indirectly responsible for all of the deaths caused by illegal drug use.

Do any of us realize the cost illegal drugs have throughout our 
country when we consider the manpower and time spent in law 
enforcement, legal representation, court activity, incarceration, 
crisis intervention, psychological examinations, family counseling 
and any medical treatment needed? The amount to all of our states is 
staggering. The total could possibly pay the interest on our national debt.

There is only one real solution to this problem, but the numerous 
bleeding hearts in our society will never let us use it. As most 
drugs come across either our nation's borders and/or state lines, the 
law should be changed to make all drug sales a federal crime and 
anyone caught with $1,000 or more in illegal drugs should face a 
mandatory 20-years-to-life sentence. Although the cost of such 
incarceration would seem high, over time it would be far less than 
the money spent to solve our nation's drug problems.

Well, I guess some will say, "That 86-year-old woman has struck 
again," but I hope that those in power will listen because our 
nation's drug problems are another reason why our country is 
floundering and corrective action to solve this situation is imperative.

By Dorothy M. Paulley

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