Pubdate: Tue, 07 Apr 2009
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Cited: Kids and Drugs, a Parents guide to Prevention:
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Do you know if your son has smoked pot yet? Has your daughter tried
ecstasy? How would you know as a parent? How do you talk to your kids
about drugs and not sound like 'your parents?' The Royal Canadian
Mounted Police is now offering 'Kids and Drugs, a Parents guide to

This program gives parents the right information to discuss drug use
with their children. The program deals with the following topics: -
How do parents talk to children? - What do we say to them? - Are we
giving them the right information about the dangers of drugs? - Are we
being good role models for our children? This program is built on best
practice evidence and focuses on improving interactions between
children and parents through improved communication, support, decision
making and discipline. It's targeted at parents of school-aged
children (8-15).

The RCMP has trained a number of people across the province to deliver
the Kids and Drugs program. It can be delivered by anyone who has had
the training and the interest, not only police officers.

The RCMP is looking for good community minded people to get onboard
and start talking to kids about drugs.

If you are interested in stopping drug abuse in your community, call
the Burin Peninsula RCMP detachment (279-3001) or the RCMP Drugs and
Organized Crime Awareness Section in their area. (Sgt. Bill Dwyer -
Eastern NL, 772-4381)
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