Pubdate: Thu, 26 Mar 2009
Source: Erie Times-News (PA)
Copyright: 2009 Erie Times-News
Author: Robert DeLuca


I've been consistently advocating the decriminalization  and end to
prohibition of marijuana.

Almost 150 million Americans have been introduced to  marijuana and
used it in some way. These Americans have  proved without a doubt that
there is no after-effect to  using marijuana!

I have looked at every possible study and all agree  marijuana is

Legalizing it is an opportunity of a lifetime that we  have right in
our faces, yet because of lies about the  herb, we might just squander
that opportunity.

Let's tax and distribute medical-grade marijuana. It  could be done in
pharmacies or state stores. Whatever  is worked out, it would
eliminate the use of marijuana  by kids because of the state
regulating the sale and  distribution of the herb. As it stands, kids
can get it  anywhere.

We should also eliminate all of the pot prisoners.

Robert DeLuca

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