Pubdate: Tue, 17 Mar 2009
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Surrey Leader
Author: Andrew Davidson


It never ceases to amaze me how many people in this country are ready 
to abandon a great deal of their freedom to obtain a little security.

The problems we have with gangs are a clear result of prohibition and 
twisted morals that approve of alcohol and tobacco but think a 
harmless weed is the devil's work.

It is clear that the so-called war on drugs is a total failure. We 
will always have people who haven't the fortitude to control their 
desire to get high with alcohol, pot or whatever. These people have a 
medical or mental problem, and should be treated as such.

The millions of dollars spent on drug enforcement would provide 
massive improvements to our medical and welfare system.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a libertarian and I don't approve of welfare, 
but lots do. At least the money would be spent on something more positive.

The secondary result would be an obvious reduction in the attraction 
to the gang lifestyle as the money just wouldn't be there.

Andrew Davidson,

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