Pubdate: Sat, 14 Mar 2009
Source: Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD)
Copyright: 2009 Argus Leader
Author: Randy E. Ristesund


This letter is in response to the column by Matt Okerlund in the Feb. 
28 Argus Leader titled "Some bad company to keep." This was the 
classic case of someone projecting the qualities they don't like 
about themselves onto someone else. In this case, Okerlund was trying 
to claim that people who smoke pot are responsible for the violence 
in Mexico when it actually is anyone who has supported this immoral 
war on drugs for the past 40 years who are responsible for the 
violence. They finally are getting what they wanted: a war.

The self-righteous majority who passed a constitutional amendment to 
outlaw alcohol finally saw the harm they were doing and had to repeal 
the amendment. Now the people who make money on the drug war never 
will let drugs be legal again. The money spent by the U.S. Drug 
Enforcement Administration and all the states enforcing these laws 
would make these recent bailouts look like petty cash transactions.

Randy E. Ristesund

Sioux Falls
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