Pubdate: Sat, 14 Mar 2009
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer (MI)
Copyright: 2009 Battle Creek Enquirer
Author: Bob Learner


The outstanding Battle Creek Enquirer drug abuse series, a talk by the
Haven of Rest pointing out that drug abuse is the primary cause of
homelessness and ongoing drug running violence along the U.S./Mexico
border highlight the terrible costs and destructiveness of this problem.

I recently heard a TV interview with a representative of a group
called LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Today's drug
violence was compared to the alcohol prohibition period of the 1920s.
This group thinks that legalizing drugs, designing careful
regulations, monitoring user distribution and implementing treatment
strategies is the way to bring the problem under control. The criminal
element, which they think forms major opposition to this idea, would
be removed from the problem, market demand could be lowered and costs
for law enforcement and incarceration shifted to treatment. The War on
Drugs as we know it now is being lost.

LEAP is growing rapidly according to this spokesperson. It would be
very interesting if the Enquirer could follow up with a story about
this organization in our area, or if a local presentation could be
arranged to discuss, evaluate and share these ideas.

Bob Learner

Battle Creek
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