Pubdate: Wed, 4 Mar 2009
Source: Washington Times (DC)
Copyright: 2009 The Washington Times, LLC.
Author: Howard J. Wooldridge


Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Garrison Courtney said the
arrest of 755 people last week made a "dent" in the drug trade
("100,000 foot soldiers in cartels," Page 1, Tuesday). As a Michigan
police officer for 18 years, I too made a "dent" from time to time. Of
course, all of us in law enforcement know that the dent is repaired
within a few days as new drug dealers and mules take the place of
those arrested or shot. This process has been going on for about 40

I applaud The Washington Times for publishing so many articles about
Mexico's drug cartels as a growing problem and potential crisis.
Sadly, you have never discussed a common-sense, guaranteed solution -
namely, dealing the Mexican cartels a death blow by ending modern

At a minimum, your readers deserve articles demonstrating that the
benefits and advantages of the prohibition approach to dangerous drugs
are so great they overwhelm the known disadvantages. Ending the
prohibition approach would prevent dangerous drugs from funding the
Taliban, causing a large percentage of felony crime, fueling the
growth of violent gangs and requiring massive spending on prisons.

Howard J. Wooldridge

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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