Pubdate: Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Source: Bellingham Herald (WA)
Copyright: 2009 Bellingham Herald
Author: Gary Kubiac


The argument for legalizing marijuana originally started out about
medical reasons. My input is that if there is a medical issue, the
body needs all the strength it can have to fight this disease or
issue and needs to not use all its resources to fight incoming 
toxins - which is what marijuana is. It is not a normal positive for
the body to absorb. Using marijuana forces the body to fight this
toxin and the original ailment.

Now the legalization has evolved to step two; legalizing it for all.
It is sort of like if the speed limit is 60 mph, then why not 70?

I am from the 1960s and 70s and marijuana use was not good then and
has not gotten better since. It affects driving and mental
stimulation in the ability to keep going day-to-day with a positive

This country needs clean and fresh minds. And those now smoking
marijuana are breaking the law. That may just show the quality of the
person they are right there.

Why do others have to bow down for their needs? It is a weakness and
others should not approve it and allow it  to become acceptable. It
never will get better at that point.

Gary Kubiac

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