Pubdate: Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Source: Hope Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Hope Standard
Author: Gary Huntbatch


Editor, Black Press

I have concerns regarding Bill-C26 which calls for mandatory minimum
prison sentences. Minimum sentencing has become popular in the U.S.
but just because it looks like something is being done about crime.

When these laws were introduced in the U.S., the prisons began to fill
up so quickly that they could not build new ones fast enough. However,
corporate America offered to build and operate new prisons, for a fee
of course. These prisons have now become slave work camps where the
inmates are paid about 25 cents an hour. I understand that refusal to
work means further punishment.

The system produces clothing and other items for the military and
other customers, and these corporations get rich from both the tax
dollars per inmate and from the sale of the goods.

Two Pennsylvania court judges were recently convicted of receiving
$2.6 million in bribes for sending youths to a private detention
centre on minimum sentences. The more youths detained, the more tax
dollars the centre receives.

Canada is already short of prisons. I wonder who is behind the
lobbying to get this bill through. These asked for minimum mandatory
sentences may eventually even affect you, your neighbours, friends or

Implementation of this bill will cause drug crime and violence to
increase as drugs will become more expensive and profitable.

Gary Huntbatch
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