Pubdate: Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Source: Shoreline Lake Forest Park Enterprise (WA)
Copyright: 2009 The Enterprise Newspapers
Author: Virgil Bakken


Until I read the letters column of the Feb. 11 edition, I didn't 
realize I had stirred up a hornets nest to even the East Coast. 
Within a few days of my article, a pothead showed up at our door with 
the hopes of getting some. I think he was a police pigeon. He was 
dismayed when I told him the truth that we have never smoked, seen or 
smelled the stuff. Not that we wouldn't try it for medicinal purposes 
if it ever becomes legal. We have never done illegal drugs.

My wife swears by Hempz body lotion for her severe dry skin 
condition. She rarely buys it at an Alderwood beauty supply store 
because it is so expensive. She relies on less expensive creams and lotions.

The reason I wrote that article was to help bring to public awareness 
to the beneficial uses, as many others have done. It would also bring 
about a new economic industry in America, also a cash crop for 
marginal farmers. It does have a rightful place in society.

I expect this to be my last letter on pot, now on to something else 
probably just as controversial.

Virgil Bakken

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