Pubdate: Sun, 01 Mar 2009
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
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Author: Larry Seguin
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To The Editor:

Before Sen. Charles E. Schumer takes education and health funding from
our kids and use it on his personal marijuana war he should consider
some facts.

While marijuana from Canada makes a great headline, fact is only 3
percent comes over the northern border.

When a marijuana pipeline is busted, months of resources and overtime
are wasted because the pipeline is replaced immediately. Yet he wants
a couple of more drug task forces on top of all the drug task forces
we have now.

Voters in 14 states have said ok to less law enforcement when it comes
to marijuana.

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) introduced
comprehensive legislation to tax and regulate the commercial
production and sale of cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol.

Zogby poll: 6 out of every 10 voter's support taxing and regulating
marijuana like alcohol.

Re-legalization of marijuana would be cost-savings as well as a
revenue generator.

Larry Seguin

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