Pubdate: Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2009 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Dan Schilling


As an air quality specialist, I work with clients who smell smoke 
even when no smokers are present.

Smoke consists primarily of gasses that instantly travel through air. 
Smoke odors also travel through small air leaks in walls and 
ceilings. I have observed this phenomenon in apartments and condos, 
and have investigated it in stores on State Street.

And smoke gasses quickly permeate clothing and hair in smoking 
establishments. Pot is no different. When I am listening to live 
music, I can smell pot on people who smoked before coming in.

Smoke from somebody standing outdoors can also be sucked into 
buildings that commonly operate under negative air pressure, then 
immediately travel upstairs with heated air.

The police officer in question could have simply smelled pot coming 
from outdoors or an adjacent area, or walked past a person who smoked 
pot in a different location.

She should not be judged as if failing to perform her duty. And Ald. 
Mike Verveer should not be smeared in the press as if stupid enough 
to use drugs in a public setting.

- -- Dan Schilling, Residential Inspections LLC, Madison
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