Pubdate: Thu, 19 Feb 2009
Source: Maui News, The (HI)
Copyright: 2009 The Maui News
Author: Brian J. Murphy


The 2009 Hawaii Legislature, hoping to reverse this economic 
free-fall, is considering several bills originating from Maui. One 
bill, HB1191, recently passed through the House health and the public 
safety committees.

HB1191 was crafted by Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action to 
address two problems. By establishing secured growing facilities for 
state-licensed medical marijuana patients, HB1191 will give thousands 
of Hawaii patients safe access to their medicine. It will also create 
the jobs and tax base that could help Hawaii's budget climb out of the red.

Currently, state medical marijuana laws do not provide patients with 
safe access to their medicine. The secured growing facilities created 
by HB1191 will provide patients with a variety of medicinal strains, 
considerable savings over street prices, strict quality control and 
24/7 security.

HB1191 will create various jobs, ranging from upper-management to 
entry-level and all starting comfortably above minimum wage. HB1191 
will also establish a distribution stamp system, generating revenue 
for Hawaii with each medical marijuana transaction.

A White House spokesman recently announced President Obama will honor 
his campaign promises and allow state medical marijuana programs to 
operate free of federal intervention.

Finally, a heartfelt mahalo to all the friends, neighbors and 
strangers who have offered so much encouragement and aloha in past 
months. Despite the speed bumps, potholes, roadblocks and detours, we 
are well on our way. Please continue expressing your support in every 
available forum.

Brian J. Murphy
Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action
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