Pubdate: Sat, 21 Feb 2009
Source: Bellingham Herald (WA)
Copyright: 2009 Bellingham Herald
Author: Erica Peterson


I believe our country has a serious problem. Many people think that
the war on drugs is a positive thing, but how far are we willing to
take it?

Right now we are spending billions of dollars to search, arrest, and
imprison people for using, smoking, or possessing marijuana. Instead
of focusing our taxpayer monies on marijuana it should be redirected
to something more rewarding, such as health care.

One way we as a community can help is to support the bill H.B. 1177,
which would decriminalize marijuana and would make the penalty for
possession of marijuana a $100 fine for 40 grams or less. The bill
would still hold the previous penalties for minors. Quantcast

Supporting this bill would not necessarily mean that you are
supporting drugs. Washington state would support an alternative and
better use of our money supply.

I have read many articles recently on bill 1177 and one number sticks
out in my head. A survey of Washington citizens showed that 81 percent
of people are not satisfied with our current marijuana laws.

Support for bill 1177 can start with Whatcom County. People need to be
informed and there voices be heard.

Erica Peterson

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