Pubdate: Sun, 22 Feb 2009
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2009 Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Lisa Slater
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor, headline by newshawk


In response to the Feb. 18 article regarding Jason Gariepy and his
distaste for bongs at Molly's in Sherwood Park. Personally sir, I
think you are ridiculous. First of all, buying a bong may run you
anywhere from $60 to $200. Do you really think a person smoking crack
would want to dish out that kind of money when they could use it to
feed their drug habit? Did you ever consider that perhaps selling even
one piece could feed Molly's family for a week? Or that, in a time of
such a failing economy, the purchase of such a thing as a bong is
still just a purchase, beneficial to the economy? Unfortunately, you
don't think. You simplistically think a bong is the devil's work and
therefore must be banned. It's 2009, right? I thought we were past
this. You want to fight the real enemy? How about taming the handfuls
of violent, scary drunks that fill the streets and bars every night.
Then tell me the potheads are the problem

Lisa Slater

(It's a foolish crusade.)
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