Pubdate: Thu, 19 Feb 2009
Source: Sacramento News & Review (CA)
Copyright: 2009 Chico Community Publishing, Inc.
Author: Brent Bomia


Re "Buzz kill" by R.V. Scheide (SN&R Race to the Bottom, February

As a longtime reader of SN&R, I have to say that the level of
journalism is at a low point in regards to this article. Mr. Scheide
comes off like he's making fun of the patients that find benefit in
using medical marijuana, saying he's "suffering from hope famine."
Maybe he's referring to his dwindling emotions on his abilities to
write an article worthy of SN&R.

Couldn't Mr. Scheide have simply stated that the benefits from
marijuana/hemp could help President [Barack] Obama with the "worst
hand ever dealt" to an incoming president? [There's] the fact that in
European countries factories are being built with hemp blocks, that
the introduction of hemp as a new market would help reduce the mass
deficit the country is now enduring, the fact that marijuana has been
in use as a medical treatment for hundreds of afflictions since the
ancient Chinese, [and] the fact that California's state law on use of
medical marijuana has set trends on this issue that 11 other states
have followed in similar fashion.

I have no doubt that the current administration will do what is
expected, which in this case will be to stop federal raids on cannabis

Give Obama a chance. He's the best shot we had in the last election,

Brent Bomia

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