Pubdate: Sat, 07 Feb 2009
Source: Galesburg Register-Mail (IL)
Copyright: 2009 Galesburg Register-Mail
Author: Dan Linn


America is the only industrial nation that does not grow hemp. Hemp
can be used for many things and at one time in colonial America was
illegal not to grow but because of its relations to the cannabis plant
it has been outlawed. However, during WWII there was a "Hemp for
Victory" campaign.

Illinois should allow its farmers to grow hemp once again. There is
not one good reason to continue banning the production of hemp in
America. It could help with our struggling economic times or at least
should be an option for Illinois farmers. When things get tough
shouldn't all options be considered?

Gov. Ryan twice vetoed legislation in Illinois regarding the
production of hemp, but there is no reason why this issue should not
be revisited. Hemp can be used for biodiesel fuel, cordage, a food
product and many more things so outlawing it makes it even worse. Some
say it might save the world and while I won't go that far at this time
I do think it could help, and if it was good to enough to do during
WWII I think it should be grown today.

Dan Linn, Executive Director Illinois Chapter

National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws

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