Pubdate: Fri, 13 Feb 2009
Source: Orlando Sentinel (FL)
Copyright: 2009 Orlando Sentinel
Note: Rarely prints out-of-state LTEs.
Author: Marten Kemp

Another Look At Pot


There are two things to bear in mind when passing laws prohibiting 
something: For any demand, there will always be a supply; and the 
damage that something does to society must be balanced against the 
damage done to society by attempting to prohibit it.

The war on drugs has been going on since 1914 without appreciable 
positive result. One approach to solving the marijuana problem would 
be to move it from schedule I (always prohibited) to schedule II 
(available by prescription) and tell the U.S. Drug Enforcement 
Administration to keep its nose out of doctors' business. This second 
part would also allow doctors to prescribe appropriate levels of 
medication to those with truly intractable pain.

Marten Kemp

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