Pubdate: Fri, 06 Feb 2009
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Author: Scott Mims
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Church Drama Portrays Life In An Uncompromising Way

Tonight, a Clanton church will present a drama that portrays the realities
of drug abuse, family turmoil, life on the street, and the wholeness that
results from an undying faith in God.

Hopewell Baptist Church located on Hopewell Drive will present "Broken But
Not Destroyed" tonight at 7 in the church sanctuary.

The 15-scene drama begins with a pastor coming home to find his wife doing
drugs. After the confrontation, she leaves and later returns to find her
husband waiting but angry and frustrated.

"She has no concept of time...and he's had enough," said Theresa Sailes,
wife of Pastor Larry Sailes, who co-wrote the drama with her son, Dante.
"He's seeing that his family is not what he thought it was."

The story catches up with the daughter on the night of her high school
graduation. After bringing up her mother's name, however, she faces
rejection from her father and decides to go search for her mother.

She eventually finds her mother in a crack house, only to find that she
doesn't recognize her and will not have anything to do with her. After
seeking shelter from relatives, however, problems escalate when she finds
that her cousin is involved with a gang.

But what the daughter ultimately finds is that a broken family can find
closeness, despite the worst of tragedies.

"When we think it's too late, God steps in just in time," Sailes said.
"When he sees us in the gutter, he reaches down and pulls us out. He
doesn't leave us broken. He takes our brokenness and makes us whole."

Sailes, once an aspiring actress, wrote the drama with her son about five
years ago. They presented it for a Christian academy in Virginia before
moving here in early 2008. This will be the first performance of "Broken
But Not Destroyed" in Chilton County.

About 30 cast members of all ages are participating.

"I felt that it was an outreach," said Margie Mayweather, who plays the
role of wife and mother.

Seales' daughter, Alexis, grew up playing the role of daughter.

"I just stayed in that role because I was good at it," she said.

Admission is free, and the event is open to everyone. For more information
or directions, call (205) 664-0495 or 755-2667.
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