Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
Source: Mill Creek Enterprise (WA)
Copyright: 2009 The Enterprise Newspapers
Author: Jeanne M. Ferguson


It doesn't surprise me that Sarah Palin is worried about supporting the
legalization of cannabis, commonly called "marijuana," because she fears
the message it would send her five children ("Gregoire and Palin have at
least one thing in common," Enterprise, Jan. 21). I felt the same way when
I discovered a small bag of the plant in my son's dresser drawer 30 years
ago. And I worried about my four younger children. At the time I, too,
believed the tales of "reefer madness."

That all changed for me after I began reading the history of the cannabis
plant. What an education I got!

And I am still learning about the economic and environmental benefits that
would be forthcoming if we simply allowed the plant to be grown. Besides
medicine, we ought to be using the seeds for food and fuel, and the fiber
for clothing and construction materials -- just a few of the numerous uses
for the plant.

I understand the fears of these women and say educate yourselves. There is
nothing to fear except ignorance.

Jeanne M. Ferguson

Executive Director, Grammas for Ganja Organization
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