Pubdate: Wed, 04 Feb 2009
Source: Vulcan Advocate (CN AB)
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Author: Simon Ducatel


When a group rallies together to affect change in its community, it has to
prepare a plan of action.

The Vulcan County Anti-Drug Coalition recently released its draft charter,
stating the group's mission and vision, among other items like long-term

Its mission is to increase the health and well-being of communities in
Vulcan County by preventing and reducing the harmful impacts of alcohol
and other drug use on families.

The group's vision is to "move our community from a drug tolerant
environment to an addiction aware community."

The coalition wants to reduce the harms associated with drug and alcohol
abuse through prevention and education, policing and treatment.

Eight people attended the coalition's last meeting, but at that time of
year -- around the holidays -- people aren't as likely to make meetings,
said David Swan, the coalition's chair.

However, there are 42 people on a mailing list who want to be kept up to
speed regarding developments with the coalition, he said.

"There's reasons to be cautiously optimistic," said Swan last week.

Now that the group has drafted a charter, it can move ahead with working
out a budget to plan projects in the county.

"As long as I get the budget done on time, we are in line for a slice of
some provincial funding," said Swan, adding that's when project plans can
start becoming a reality.

Among the projects are events that would be organized twice a year at a
community hall or another suitable venue, according to Swan's preliminary

"These events will provide a community focal point for awareness and
education," reads Swan's plan, further explaining these events could take
the form of suppers with keynote speakers.

Aside from such evening events, the coalition also wants to organize at
least eight public meetings a year that would feature experts on subjects
related to drugs and addictions.

"These meetings shall be available to be a supporting event for addicts
and those affected by addicts," reads Swan's plan.

The coalition also plans a public forum to inform people what the
anti-drug coalition's committees -- prevention, policing and treatment --
have been up to.

The Vulcan County Anti-Drug Coalition meets again Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at
County Central High School.

Anyone who wants to know more about the coalition can  or phone Swan at 403-485-6187.
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