Pubdate: Wed, 04 Feb 2009
Source: Manila Bulletin (The Philippines)
Author: Natalie M. Malayo


The city governmernt of Manila yesterday declared that it is 
considering the revival of the the controversial spray-paint campaign 
of Mayor Alfredo Lim to bolster its drive against illegal drugs.

During a command conference with the mayor, Manila Police District 
(MPD) Director Roberto Rosales explained that the revived spray paint 
campaign will take a "more positive approach," contrary to the first 
one conducted during Lim's second stint as mayor.

Rosales explained that instead of spray-painting warnings on the 
houses of the suspected drug personalities, authorities will instead 
mark the words "This is a drug-free home" on the houses of residents 
proven to be free from substance abuse.

The police chief also added that this will be done with the consent 
of the home owners who will also express their support to the 
anti-drug campaign of the city government.

For his part, Lim said that he will contemplate on the revival of the 
spray-painting as part of the city's intensified "all out war" 
against illegal drugs.

Lim, known as a staunch anti-crime crusader, cleaned that Manila's 
red-lights district of prostitutes and illegal drug personalities in 
his previous terms as mayor of the capital city.

His initial spray painting on the houses of the suspected drug 
dealers garnered attention from the media and criticism from 
activists and human rights advocated.
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