Pubdate: Wed, 16 Dec 2009
Source: Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Nanaimo Daily News
Author: Ian Poole


The Canadian Senate produced a well thought out position paper on 
cannabis in 2002 recommending, among other proposals, an easing of 
restrictions on personal use by responsible adults.

Considering that the restrictions were originally imposed without 
parliamentary debate, in an atmosphere poisoned by the "reefer 
madness" propaganda of writers such as "Janey Canuck" (a pseudonym of 
Emily Murphy who, in a more enlightened frame of mind, helped ensure 
the rights of women as "persons" under the law with respect to the 
right to vote), I think it's high time to implement some of these reforms.

In his fascinating book Food of the Gods, Terence McKenna recommends 
that "The legality of nature must be recognized," favouring a return 
to a model of partnership with the natural world, rather than one of 
domination over it. Two excellent Canadian books on the subject are 
Grow Yer Own Ston'e by Alexander Sumach (hard to find), and Romancing 
Mary Jane by Michael Poole (no relation).

As to the suggestion that many people on the street began their 
downward spiral with marijuana, I would ask whether most began their 
descent with alcohol or tobacco. If we as a society can accommodate 
the use of these two drugs, then cannabis should be recognized as well.

As the Rastafarians say, using the Indian term for marijuana, "God 
made ganja. Man made liquor. Who are you going to trust?"

Ian Poole

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