Pubdate: Thu, 17 Dec 2009
Source: North Island Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Black Press
Author: Travis Erbacher

Drug tests uncertain

Dear editor,

I believe, Drug Recognition Experts cannot accurately detect whether
someone is impaired. Neither can the unconstitutional body fluid tests
this authoritarian government has brought in.

There are tests to determine whether drugs are in a drivers system, but
they often give false positives. In the case of cannabis, they only detect
whether a driver has used in the past month.

The only accurate way to determine whether someone is impaired is to
administer the traditional field-sobriety test and I believe the
Conservative federal government knows this.

I believe the new drugged driving legislation has been brought in to throw
people with undesirable political views and lifestyle choices in jail, and
this cover of drugged driving allows them to do this without arousing

Curiously, even though Conservative MP Mark Warawa made it seem like
drugged driving was the biggest problem facing our nation, not a single
person has been arrested and convicted under this legislation.

Perhaps they know that it will fail a charter challenge. Imagine that;
police officers forcibly taking bodily fluids; that seems authoritarian to

Travis Erbacher

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