Pubdate: Sun, 13 Dec 2009
Source: Manila Bulletin (The Philippines)
Author: Nick Giongco
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The camp of Floyd Mayweather will make sure Manny Pacquiao -- and even
the American fighter himself -- undergo an Olympic-style drug testing
to make sure both fighters are "clean" when they collide on March 13,

Mayweather adviser Leonard Ellerbe told the Grand Rapids Press over
the weekend that the random drug test would be done in the weeks
leading up to the fight and that he and another adviser, Al Haymon,
said they acted without the consent of Mayweather.

"Al and I made sure this will be implemented. It is going to be done,"
said Ellerbe.

"It's not a one-way thing, it's both fighters who are subject to
testing. And this is not Floyd saying this.

This is me and Al. This is one of the biggest fights in the history of
the sport and the fans deserve it to be fair."

Ellerbe denied that the decision to mandate that Pacquiao be tested
extensively was based on suspicions that the Filipino has been using
performance-enhancing drugs the last few fights as he has been looking
sensational as if he is not going up in weight each fight.

"Floyd's got nothing to do with this. It's our job to protect him and
give him the best chance to be successful.

Inside the ring, he's got that. He'll have no problem with Pacquiao,
none whatsoever. Our job is to take care of things outside the ring."

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), which holds office in Montreal,
Canada, is the main agency that administers such tests but Ellerbe did
not say whether another group will do the job.

"With the standard commission testing, they only test for specific
things. The Olympic-style testing tests for everything. The commission
testing is nowhere near as sophisticated," added Ellerbe.

Pacquiao's camp found the move to tap an anti-doping agency

"We've got nothing to hide so if that's what they want, no problem,"
said Pacquiao adviser Mike Koncz. 
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