Pubdate: Fri, 11 Dec 2009
Source: Red Bluff Daily News (CA)
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Author: Pat Gleason
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What do chickens and marijuana have in common?

I came up with this analogy a few weeks ago related to  the medical
marijuana debate.

I was standing in the alley behind our house, talking  to my new
neighbor about his chickens. I asked him how  many he could have in
his yard.

He told me the city said it was okay to have up to 12  at a time, but
no more than that, and no roosters.

"Your old neighbors let theirs run all over the  backyard and in the
alley," he said. "And they made a  lot of noise. They had too many."

I thought to myself, if the city can come up with a  compromise on the
inner city chicken and rooster  population, then why not something
similar related to  the marijuana issue?

Now, I'm not pro-weed by any stretch. Personally, the  stuff almost
got me killed back in my earlier days. I  was body surfing high one
day and nearly drowned.

Those waves just didn't look so big while under the

However, I understand there are those whose quality of  life depends
on marijuana. Now, I'm not talking about  the average Joe, so save the

I'm speaking of the ones whose physical health is so  bad that they
need the weed to provide comfort for  their various ailments.

Honestly, I am okay with this.

What we don't need are more laws. Enforce the ones that  say patients
can have so much in possession and leave  it at that.

As for growing it within city limits - well,  like the chickens, put a
small limit on that, too. And  punish the heck out of those who
blatantly break the  law.

Apparently, this is easier said than done.

I recall one particular example of this while house  hunting. We were
in the Antelope area; I guess the soil  out there is good for growing.

Anyway, we're looking at this one house and, as I  walked out of the
sliding glass door on to the back  patio, this incredible stench
nearly knocked me over.  So, I followed it.

The next thing I know, I'm at the back fence, peering  over on my tip
toes. What I saw blew my mind: Mary Jane  from fence to fence.

There was enough weed there to stone the entire county.

Needless to say, we passed on that house. But I can  fully understand
the concerns of those who don't want  the stuff anywhere near their

I can also appreciate law enforcement and its stance on  not wanting
growers living within city limits.

Hopefully, some clearer heads can find a compromise, no  pun

Finally, who turned down the heat?

Man, did it get cold in a hurry or what? A week ago, I  was going to
parody my favorite Christmas Carol to the  weather and Black Friday,
but I decided to go with  sheetrock and two-by-fours instead.

It would have started something like this: "Oh, the  weather outside
is delightful, but inside the stores  are frightful; and since you've
got no place to go,  spend your dough, spend your dough, spend your

The jingle got lame after humming it twenty or so times  in my

This week, it really was frightful outside. So much so  I had to trek
to Wally World to pick up a pair of long  johns - for my legs.

I think in the bigger picture of things, we've got it  pretty good
here. At least we don't get "feet" of snow.  I can't imagine having to
dig out of my own house.

Lastly, I want to say goodbye to a former student, good  friend, and
awesome CVS pharmacy clerk, Melissa  Parrish. After seven years, she's

I wish you well. Thanks for everything you did for my  family when we
were sick.

For the rest of you, have a great Friday. 
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