Pubdate: Thu, 10 Dec 2009
Source: Belleville News-Democrat (IL)
Copyright: 2009 Belleville News-Democrat


Signing for Sudafed can be a pain for customers and store clerks
alike. But as the recent meth-related arrests in Highland and Bond
County remind us, it's worth the inconvenience.

Since 2006, Illinois has tightly controlled the sale of cold and sinus
medicine that contains pseudoephedrine -- a key ingredient in
methamphetamine. The law requires that stores keep the drugs behind
their counters, limit the amount sold and maintain a log of purchasers.

The law has helped dramatically reduce the number of meth labs in
Illinois. The attorney general's office said that in 2003 through
2005, authorities seized more than 900 meth labs per year. By 2008,
the number seized had dropped to 390.

It also makes it easier to spot meth makers. Last week, some
suspicious pseudoephedrine purchases at a store in Highland resulted
in 10 people being charged with drug crimes. An infant was found at
one of the houses with meth manufacturing equipment; the child is now
safe with a relative.

It was good work by the alert store employee and the Illinois State
Police. But it happened because of the law and the vigilant
enforcement of it. 
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