Pubdate: Sat, 12 Dec 2009
Source: Manila Bulletin (The Philippines)
Author: Mick M. Basa
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DAVAO CITY   The Davao City Police (DCPO) on Friday seized 16 kilos of
high-grade cocaine found in the reefer machines of several container
vans inside the Maersk container yard in Airport Road, Sasa, this city.

The discovery, which came right after an earlier operation on
Wednesday night, was conducted around 12:30 Friday noon.

Police regional director Chief Supt. Pedro Tango said the container
yard remains sealed off as authorities continue a search of the 1,000
container vans inside the yard.

In the earlier operation last Wednesday night, at least eight kilos of
cocaine were found by local police in the same container yard.

The illegal substances were found packed in small packages weighing
about one kilo each.

Police said the recovered cocaine would reach an estimated amount of
P112 million with a street value of some P7 million per kilo.

Sasa police chief Supt. Alden Delvo said the contraband were found
hidden inside the reefer machine of two container vans inside the
container yard along the old Sasa Airport Road.

It was learned that the illegal drugs were first detected by a certain
Jessie Carillo, worker of Maersk.

Meanwhile, the local police authorities are set to inspect the nearby
Sasa Wharf after learning that the container vans came from India and
Pakistan and passed through Malaysia before arriving here, Apolinario
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