Pubdate: Tue, 17 Nov 2009
Source: Langley Advance (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc.
Author: Bruce Codere


Dear Editor,

Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender has indeed been very outspoken on 
drugs and organized crime. Unfortunately, he has put all his energy 
in being heard, and little into being right. Fassbender has gained 
favour in Harper's Ottawa because he so willingly and skillfully 
repeats the distortions required to maintain pressure for more prohibition.

Too bad he has no interest in understanding that more prohibition 
cannot solve the problems that prohibition causes. It was seven years 
ago that the Senate report denounced existing legislation imposed on 
the Cannabis plant and culture.

Now it's being forced to consider worse legislation on drugs than 
ever before, and neo-con ideologues are being flown in to spew more 
baseless propaganda. This is not how rational government operates. 
This is a farce. All science and history prove prohibition is corrupt 
and counterproductive.

The people need to demand better from our politicians, or they in 
turn will answer only to wealth.

Bruce Codere,

Fox Creek, Alberta
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