Pubdate: Fri, 20 Nov 2009
Source: DrugSense Weekly (DSW)



By Dave Olson

Responding to Joe Canzoneri's letter, "No such thing as 'medical 
marijuana,'" here's the Webster's definition of "medicine": a: "a 
substance or preparation used in treating disease" b: "something that 
affects well-being."

Has Canzoneri ever been through a traumatic experience: war, parental 
alcoholism, death of a child, anything? Has he ever tried marijuana?

I was raised to respect others regardless of their color, race, or 
religion.  I was also raised in a very conservative home. Gay people 
were "wrong," people who used drugs were "bad." I grew up believing 
there is no such thing as "medical marijuana."

My son went to fight in Iraq. I met my best friend, who helps my son 
cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.  I'm confident Canzoneri 
has heard of this mental "disease?" Yes, it is a disease, one that 
cannot be cured.  It can be relieved, the symptoms made milder, but not cured.

My best friend has a license to smoke medical marijuana. Let me 
assure you, it is a medicine for him. It calms his anxiety, increases 
his appetite when he becomes depressed, and generally improves his 
well being.  He doesn't sell it, he doesn't even smoke often, but 
when he needs his raw nerves to calm down, he uses pot.

Please, do not judge others so harshly. I did, and it took my son 
spending time in a war to make me realize what a fool I had been. 
Someday Canzoneri too may need medicine that some people won't 
believe is "legal."

Dave Olson


Pubdate: Fri, 13 Nov 2009

Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)

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