Pubdate: Mon, 19 Jan 2009
Source: Desert Sun, The (Palm Springs, CA)
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Author: Terri Lackey McMichaele


I keep reading with great interest about the controversy surrounding
the medical marijuana dispensaries.

It just seems so silly to me, that here we are in 2009, and people are
still gasping at the mere mention of the word "pot."

Is it just me, or does it make no sense, when bars are legal, and
liquor stores display thousands of bottles of alcohol as if they were
pieces of artwork, but inside them is a potion for destruction, being
masked as icons of luxury.

Since the legalization of alcohol, millions of innocent lives have
been ruined, drivers have been slain, marriages have been dissolved,
people have lost their jobs and lives, but we put up such a fuss at
the idea of marijuana? I just can't help laughing at the ridiculous
theocracy of it all.

A judge will send someone to jail for smoking a joint and later that
day go out on the golf course and, at the clubhouse, drink five or six
martinis and get in his car and drive home.

Sounds fair to me.

Terri Lackey McMichaele

Yucca Valley
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