Pubdate: Mon, 19 Jan 2009
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
Copyright: 2009 Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: M. P. Babineau


This is in response to the Cornwall police advertising for all to see
that they are in the process of performing a drug search warrant at an
address, and, presumably, leaving the sign left standing for all to
see (as it was this morning, Thursday Jan. 15). Would the police
commissioner, or captain, please let the public know what will happen
if the warrant produces no drugs, no arrests, or no further action? It
is like labeling a person a pedophile before they have been found
guilty, something that I think Cornwall, of all places, should have
learned their lessons about by now.

It may be a good idea, if the residents are actually drug dealers, but
please do not forget that very often, when people are arrested, they
give false information in order to be let out of jail and go home, as
opposed to enduring the long drive to Ottawa, for a stay in the Innes
Road Iron Bar Hotel. And this false information can lead to a drug
search warrant.

Maybe the signs should not be placed out in front of the homes until
the people inside have been caught with drugs they are not supposed to
have. People, like myself, that have a Medical Marijuana Access Card
and licence, could be subjected to this harsh treatment accidentally,
and then have all of our neighbors thinking that we are drug dealers,
and not smoking to alleviate pain and suffering.

Sometimes, good ideas go bad (like the Iraq war, political coalitions
and long-winded Inquiries). I just hope that they have figured all of
the legal ramifications of placing a sign in front of an innocent
person's home, as the lawsuit that would follow just might eat into
that tight police budget we keep hearing about.

M. P. Babineau, Cornwall
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