Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jan 2009
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2009 The Calgary Sun
Author: Bill Kaufmann
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In what city police are calling the most persistent series of drug
robberies they've seen, a male-female duo has now hit 10 Calgary-area
pharmacies in search of powerful opioid tablets.

Just as police were preparing to hold a press conference Thursday on
nine robberies dating back to October, a couple matching earlier
descriptions held up the Super Drug Mart, 6449 Crowchild Tr. S.W.

Staff Sgt. Beverly Voros said the robbers are hungrier for the drug
than any others seeking pharmaceuticals in Calgary memory.

"We haven't had a trend like this with so many robberies for just one
drug," said Voros.

"It's been a trend in 2 District for the past three months, since Oct.
17, and today's one is exactly the same M.O."

The robbers have struck at seven other pharmacies in the Signal Hill,
Rosscarrock, Strathcona Park and Glamorgan areas as well as two
Cochrane drug stores.

During the crimes, the woman tells staff she has a gun, though none
has been seen, and the two demand and receive small quantities of the

But lately, the male culprit has produced a knife and threats have
been uttered.

"We're worried they're going to become more violent in the future,"
said Voros, adding it's possible the two are under the influence of
the potent drug.

The abuse of the highly-addictive Oxycontin - fleeing once again with
a small amount of the painkiller Oxycontin. - nicknamed killer or
hillbilly heroin - has become particularly common in rural parts of
the U.S. and can be swallowed or injected.

Voros said the Calgary robbers could be stealing for their own use and
to sell.

"It might get to kids," she said, adding it's easy to fatally overdose
on the tablets.

The suspects are both white, aged 25 to 35 years with the man about 5
ft.-8 and 150 lbs. and the woman is 5 ft.-4 and 120 lbs.

Police believe the two make their quick getaways in a vehicle, but
don't have a description of one.

Voros said the two need help themselves.

"It's a strong addiction," she said.
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