Pubdate: Mon, 12 Jan 2009
Source: Miramichi Leader (CN NK)
Copyright: 2009 Brunswick News Inc.
Author: Ray Stevens


It was with disgust I read of the harshness of the penalty applied to
Ms. Duplessie from Judge Ouellette. I say this for two reasons. The
first being that if Judge Ouellette and others would wake up and
realize that this was a victimless crime and one that is, despite the
opposition of govt., becoming more and more socially acceptable. And
the second being in Ouellette's own socially hypocritical statement
"...This was clearly to feed her own addiction, but she felt morally

So what Ouellette is saying is that we should throw people who have
addictions into jail? I would hazard a guess that an alcoholic would
feel morally justified as well! The hypocrisy here turns my stomach
and leaves me to vision Mr. Ouellette as an old codger who understands
nothing about marijuana or recent social mores. The character Mr.
Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life" comes to mind.

Can we, in small town New Brunswick please get over this misinformed
rhetoric about marijuana? Can we read something on the subject that is
not put out by the RCMP, DEA, or other self-interested body? You have
made a criminal out of a normal citizen because she chooses to smoke
marijuana instead of get drunk every weekend on beer, or rye, or rum.
Which is more addictive and leaves you far, far more inebriated.
Despite the propaganda, medical fact is, marijuana is safer than
booze, cigarettes, and caffeine. No reason to make it available, but
certainly no reason to throw people in jail and ruin their lives either.

The morally reprehensible behaviour was not Ms. Duplessie's, but
rather Mr. Ouellette's and the system he represents.

Ray Stevens

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