Pubdate: Sun, 01 Nov 2009
Source: Burnside News, The (CN NS)
Page: 11
Contact:  2009 Transcontinental Inc.
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Another layer of security to keep drugs out of Nova Scotia's correctional
facilities came into effect last month. Ion scanners were installed to
detect trace amounts of drugs and explosives.

"Drugs are a problem in our province's facilities, as they are in any
correctional facility," says Department of Justice Minister Ross Landry.
"The province continues to look at ways to improve training and equipment
to alleviate this issue and the new ion scanners are just one more thing
we are doing to make our facilities as safe as possible."

For example, if someone has handled drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine,
heroin, amphetamines or marijuana, the sophisticated piece of equipment
will detect trace amounts on their hands. The scanners will help intercept
drugs that could enter the facilities.

There are four ion scanners placed according to need throughout the
province. Two are at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in
Burnside, one at the Cape Breton Correctional Facility in Sydney and one
at the Southwest Nova Facility in Yarmouth.

Correctional facility staff is trained to use the scanners, which are also
used in many airports and correctional facilities throughout the country.