Pubdate: Fri, 01 May 2009
Source: Devon Dispatch News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2009 Sun Media
Author: Blaine Calkins
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The safety and security of Canadians is one of the Government's most
serious responsibilities.

Since taking office in 2006, our government has brought in tough new
measures to tackle violent crime and we are building on our previous
actions to keep families safer.

Property crime and auto theft in particular are serious problems in
communities like ours and across Canada. Auto theft costs Canadians more
than $1 billion every year. That's not even counting higher insurance

It costs the insurance industry over $600 million a year and those costs
are ultimately passed on to consumers. Even if you've never had your own
car stolen, you are paying for the cars that are stolen.

Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, recently introduced legislation that
would create a specific offence of "motor vehicle theft," a specific
offence of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tampering, and a general
offence to address all forms of trafficking in property obtained by crime.

We also reintroduced legislation to crack down on the criminals and gangs
who target innocent, hardworking Canadians and try to steal their identity
information. Some experts estimate that individuals and companies lose $2
billion every year to identity theft and fraud.

By targeting the roots of identity theft, like trafficking in personal
information and government-issued IDs, we are making it harder for
criminal organizations to operate.

Our actions to deal with criminal activity don't stop there.

We introduced a Bill in the House of Commons that will impose tough new
penalties for criminals who sell drugs to children.

As well, there are provisions that include mandatory jail time for those
who produce and sell illegal drugs. It also targets drive-by and other
reckless shootings that involve the careless disregard for the life or
safety of others, and provides greater provisions to protect law
enforcement officers.

One area that particularly irks Canadians is the practice of two for one
sentencing that gives credit for time served.

Our Government brought in reforms to the Criminal Code that, if passed,
will cap the amount of credit that individuals convicted of crimes receive
for their time in pre-sentencing custody.

Our Bill will ensure that persons denied bail because of their past
criminal record, or for violating bail, would not be given extra credit
for time served in detention before going to trial.

We are hopeful that the Opposition Parties, in the House of Commons and
Senate, will support these anti-crime initiatives and help us protect
Canadians, their families and communities.

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