Pubdate: Thu, 02 Apr 2009
Source: Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic (CN ON)
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Let's get this straight.

The federal government grants licences to individuals to grow "medicinal"
marijuana for their own use, but refuses to tell the local police who
holds such licences and it appears inspections are all but non-existent.

Does anyone see the potential for abuse here?

We've all heard about levels of government or agencies tasked with our
protection failing to communicate with one another, but this takes it to a
whole new level.

Licensed or not, a marijuana growing operation, particularly one that
operates without oversight, comes with inherent risk. There's potential
for mould and electrical problems, not to mention attracting criminals if
word gets out about what's going on inside the home.

A crook won't care about a Health Canada licence when he busts down the
door seeking to rip off the place.

Such incidents are all too common in other parts of the region where
illegal grow-ops flourish.

There are no rules on where these approved pot farms can be established,
according to Health Canada. It could be the house next door and, according
to the government, you don't have a right to know about it. Neither do the

York Regional Police have already stumbled upon two in residential
neighbourhoods in our community. Where are the others?

The practice of licensing individuals to grow and harvest marijuana for
personal use should end immediately as it's clear Health Canada doesn't
have the resources or desire to police the program effectively.

Allow doctors to continue prescribing the substance, but have pharmacists
oversee distribution. It's the only way to stop the potential for abuse
and make our communities safer.