Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
Source: Shoreline Lake Forest Park Enterprise (WA)
Copyright: 2009 The Enterprise Newspapers
Author: Virgil Bakken


I enjoyed reading your letters in the Jan. 28 issue regarding
cannabis/marijuana. I heartily agree on the positive side. I am not a
junkie hoping to get it free or cheaper, or a future farmer of the
stuff. I am 73 and have been in pain 24/7 for two-and-a-half decades
for various health reasons; so has my wife. True it can do irreparable
damage to mind and body, but no worse than booze or smokes if not
sensibly used.

I have looked into trying to get it legally, but it is a hell and high
water route to go to become eligible, expensive to buy, and doled out
in miserly quantities so a person wonders why bother. Then too, if a
person's doctor is anti, to help support the pain pill industry, he is
out of lucksville.

Legalize it and allow a person to grow three or four plants for
medical purposes, grow it in the open like tobacco, and put smugglers
out of business. Why export American dollars? Keep them home! Make
more jobs!

Virgil Bakken