Pubdate: Thu, 30 Oct 2008
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Union-Tribune Publishing Co.
Author: Andy Carrico


Regarding "County pursues medicinal marijuana case/Board wants to
resolve state-federal conflict" (Our Region, Oct. 27):

I was surprised to read the "logic" offered by the various members of
the county Board of Supervisors for proceeding with their lawsuit
regarding the issuance of medical marijuana cards. To wit: Bill Horn
does not believe there is any medicinal value in marijuana. I am
amazed to learn of his medical knowledge. Greg Cox is concerned with
the "conflict" between state and federal law. This in spite of the
unanimous view of the courts and the recommendation of the county
counsel staff. Dianne Jacob is concerned for the allusion of
protection that individuals who receive the cards will have.
Apparently she is the sole person in California who has this concern.

Senior Deputy County Counsel Thomas Bunton states that the lawsuit has
not cost the county any additional money. If county counsel has the
time to pursue frivolous lawsuits, it is overstaffed, and therefore it
is wasting taxpayer dollars. It is time for the supervisors to stop
this silly, wasteful lawsuit and follow the laws of the state.

Andy Carrico

El Cajon
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