Pubdate: Sun, 26 Oct 2008
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer (MI)
Copyright: 2008 Battle Creek Enquirer
Authors: David Headings and Al Byam


We're coming up on an election season where sound  judgment must take
precedence over an emotional or  apathetic mind-set. One of the issues
will be the  legalization of so-called medical marijuana. The one
thing we don't need is more drugs available to our  children under the
guise of medical use. Advocates for  the legalization constantly bring
out someone with  multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, glaucoma or
  chemotherapy patients who have found relief by smoking  marijuana;
they play upon our feelings of compassion  for those who suffer.

We, in law enforcement, are also concerned about the  control of pain
and the comfort of the suffering. The  truth, however, is that no
medical association has  endorsed marijuana for the relief of pain or
discomfort. No nationally recognized medical  association approves of
smoking marijuana to reduce  suffering; because smoking is the least
efficient  delivery method of any medication, and there is no
approved medication that is smoked. The benefits of  chemicals in
marijuana can be extracted and have a  better effect in pill form
without the "high" or  increased risk of lung cancer, bronchitis and
emphysema  from the smoking and second-hand risk. Marijuana is a
gateway drug; rarely do we meet heroin or cocaine  addicts who didn't
start their drug use with marijuana.

We've been fighting hard in Calhoun County to reduce  the flow of
drugs to our citizens and most of all to  our children. Law
enforcement agencies all over  Michigan, and yes, all over the
country, are opposed to  marijuana legalization. So don't be fooled by
the  compassionate ploy of legalizing marijuana. We want  fewer drugs
available to our children, less damage to  our society and an increase
of truth for an informed  public.

Chief David Headings

Battle Creek Police Department

Sheriff Al Byam

Calhoun County Sheriff Department
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