Pubdate: Mon, 13 Oct 2008
Source: Saginaw News (MI)
Copyright: 2008 The Saginaw News
Author: David Light


Editor, The News:

After recent press releases from "Citizens Protecting Michigan's 
Kids," which uses some of our local leaders as a mouthpiece, I was 
once again repulsed.

Their statements were filled with disinformation and outright lies 
concerning Proposal 1 (medical marijuana).

Why? Because deceit is the method they're comfortable with, and lying 
about it by incorporating the idea that Proposal 1 has anything to do 
with kids is the only way that they believe others can be persuaded 
on this popular issue.

Anyone interested in the truth about this ballot proposal can read it 
in full by visiting, as I have.

What is it with some of our Saginaw area leaders? Although there has 
been a consistent pattern of this type of behavior through time, we 
recently had an issue concerning public officials using their 
official positions to endorse a local candidate for office, in direct 
violation of state law.

Now it appears that we have another group of bureaucrats also using 
their official positions as a platform to dishonestly oppose a ballot proposal.

The laws are specific. Their actions thus far have come dangerously 
close to crossing the legal line, if indeed they did not. Also 
troubling is that many of these individuals are of a profession 
having long held the view that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Some in local governmental positions either don't get it, or don't 
care, and we are tired of their unscrupulous behavior. How can you 
expect citizens to respect their public officials when we see how 
little respect they seem to have for both the law and ethical principles?

They should take some advice: Stop these deceitful and irresponsible 
actions. Stop thinking you are above the law. If you don't know the 
law as it applies to your position of office, then learn before you act.

Here's a novel idea: Stick to doing specifically what the people pay 
you to do, do it with integrity, and let the democratic process 
flourish uncorrupted.

David Light

Saginaw Township 
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