Pubdate: Mon, 22 Sep 2008
Source: Daily Item (Sunbury, PA)
Copyright: 2008 The Daily Item
Author: Howard J. Wooldridge


Thank you for exposing your readers to the reality that a significant 
portion of law enforcement professionals oppose the policy of drug 
prohibition and its attendant strategy we call the "war on drugs." 
We, in the trenches, know what a horrendous waste of time it is to 
chase Willie Nelson, Whitney Houston and their suppliers.

I just read your "Surrender is no victory" op-ed. The issue is not: 
Are these prohibited drugs dangerous or deadly? That is a given. If 
being dangerous were the criteria, alcohol and tobacco would be 
illegal. I ask you to deliver to your readers your reasons why you 
believe that prohibition is the most effective drug control strategy 
to reduce crime, death, disease and drug use. Please tell them all 
the advantages of the current policy as we go into our second 
trillion in spending.

I believe that drug policy should be based on the principles of 
liberty, property rights, personal responsibility, limited 
government, effective government and states rights. Your principles are what?

According to U.S. Senate testimony, this year we will arrest only 
12,000 persons for possession of child porn (out a possible 600,000 
suspects). In 2008, we will arrest another 1.4 million for simple 
possession of drugs. Does that make sense?

Howard J. Wooldridge,

Frederick, Md.  
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