Pubdate: Fri, 05 Sep 2008
Source: Richmond Review, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Richmond Public Library
Author: John C. Crawford



I got one of Stephen Harper's junk mail letters at my home in 
Richmond the other day courtesy of Chuck Strahl, MP, 
Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon, misusing his free mail privileges.

Seems Harper's best thinking is to end house arrest and send all 
thugs and drug dealers etc. to jail (aka Criminal College). It is 
true, while in jail, thugs could learn new skills or learn a new 
trade (with the teaching and support of their fellow inmates).

They could learn new skills like "teamwork" (aka join a gang in order 
to survive). They could learn "respect" and gain "confidence" (aka do 
what the gang leaders tell you do and the gang will have your back, 
or suffer the consequences).

Eventually they graduate with their friends from Criminal College and 
celebrate their return to the community with full employment and lots 
of opportunity on the new team.

Is this the same best thinking that makes Harper want to close 
Insight? Drive the drug addicts back into the alleys of our community 
where they share needles, leave their infected garbage behind, and as 
an added bonus, distance them from the people and services that might 
actually be able to help them?

Thank you Mr. Harper for sharing your vision and foresight at 
Chuck's, no wait, our expense. There is just one thing left out I am 
curious about.

Why do you not include the word "progressive" in your party name so 
much anymore?

John C. Crawford
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