Pubdate: Tue, 26 Aug 2008
Source: Times, The (Shreveport, LA)
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Author: Loresha Wilson
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Roderick Moore Previously Convicted Of Drug Counts In

A former Shreveport police officer who was convicted in Caddo Parish
for supplying strippers with drugs in exchange for sexual favors has
admitted to seven drug charges in Bossier Parish.

Roderick "Ricky" Moore pleaded guilty as charged Friday in Bossier
District Court to one count each of possession with intent to
distribute cocaine, methadone, marijuana, oxycodone, hydrocodone,
alprazolam and lorazepam, according to the Bossier district attorney's

Two days prior, the 53-year-old pleaded guilty to driving while

District Judge Dewey Burchette dismissed the charges of possession of
a firearm while in possession of drugs and possession of drug
paraphernalia and ordered a presentence investigation. A date for
sentencing will be set in four to six weeks.

Four of the Bossier charges carry up to 30 years in prison, with fines
up to $50,000; two carry up to 10 years in prison with fines up to
$15,000; one carries up to five years in prison with a fine up to $15,000.

"The judge did agree that sentences for the Bossier charges could run
concurrent, but they may or may not run concurrent with those in Caddo
Parish," said Bossier-Webster District Attorney Schuyler Marvin.

Moore is serving a 15-year sentence after a Caddo jury convicted him
as charged in June.

The Bossier charges are based on a search of his Haughton residence in
connection with the investigation that led to his Caddo conviction.

The Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force opened an investigation
after Shreveport police received a complaint that Moore routinely
visited the club and provided drugs to the dancers.

In October, a dancer contacted authorities, alleging Moore gave her
drugs inside the Deja vu Strip Club. Prosecutors say the informant
contacted Moore on Nov. 1, and he agreed to bring her drugs to the
club. Moore gave the woman powder cocaine and Lortab.

Prosecutors say he delivered drugs to a confidential informant, then
invited her back to his home for more drugs.

The seven-woman, five-man jury convicted Moore as charged for
distribution of cocaine and hydrocodone. He faced up to 30 years in
prison, and the judge sentenced him to 15 years.

The Police Department put Moore on leave following the August 2007 DWI
arrest in Bossier Parish. He was fired after the drug arrest.
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