Pubdate: Tue, 19 Aug 2008
Source: Arcata Eye (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Arcata Eye
Author: Nathaniel Morris


Note: The following unedited listing appeared on under
the "free stuff" category last Wednesday, just hours before the
deadline for filing City Council candidacy petitions. - Ed.

free medical marijuana for qualified patients

Reply to:  Date: 2008-08-13, 12:25PM

If you are a qualified patient and a registered voter in Arcata come
by the Arcata iCenter and help us to nominate a fellow patient to the
city council. Mr. Morris has been an advocate for patient rights in
Arcatasince the beggining. He has been present at all city council and
land commission meetings regarding medical marijuana and he is
prepared to fi ght for your city of Arcata 215 rights. This offer ends
at 4pm today.

Arcata iCenter 1085 K Street Arcata, CA 95521 707-496-9769
Location: 1085 k street arcata, ca

   it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial

Note: The iCenter didn't return calls about what looks like a
marijuana-for-signatures offer. Below is potential candidate
Nathaniel Morris's unedited response. - Ed.

Thank you for sending me the crags list posting. I had heard rumors
about the posting but could not find it online. I asked the Arcata
iCenter about this and they assured me that no cannabis was given in
exchange for signatures.

To be clear, I did not know about this posting until after it had
already been taken down. I am not responsible for what some well
intentioned, though perhaps sometimes overly enthusiastic supporters
may do.

To answer your question, yes. I did gather more then enough
signatures. No, I was not able to file. I am still unclear what
exactly caused the problem, but they could not find me in there
system. This morning I went to eureka and resolved the issue but it
was too late to get on the ballet. It is my own fault for deciding to
run at the last minute. No matter, I still have plenty of time to run
as a "write in candidate".

My goal is to recruit two other left wing people to run for city
council as well. Or possibly some of the more left wing candidates
already running will agree to pledge support.

By pledge support, I mean agree that if elected, the three of us will
focus on fi nding ways to regulate, protect, and tax, our cannabis
based economy. The three of us do not need to see eye to eye on other
issues. We do not need to agree on how Arcata should spend the
ridicules amounts of tax money our policies will generate. We simply
need to agree that by first focusing on this goal, we can generate
enough money to solve the rest of Arcata's problems.

If you are planning on reporting on any of this, you may fell free to
print some or all of this e-mail. Also, if it is alright with you, I
would like to write another column in the next week or two. Or, if you
would prefer, a reporter could interview me. I would just like a
chance to describe what I'm trying to accomplish for Arcata.

Thanks again,

Nathaniel Morris
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