Pubdate: Tue, 19 Aug 2008
Source: San Bernardino Sun (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Los Angeles Newspaper Group
Author: Philip Lattuca Jr.


Re: "Medical marijuana fight wastes funds," Point of View by David
Herrick, Aug. 12.

Mr. Herrick was absolutely correct and hit the target, giving one
law-enforcement officer's combined with one patient's point of view.

The sad part is that this legal battle has been going on for years
because the people we elected to represent us chose to protect us from
ourselves. We voted to allow medical marijuana, but the conservative
Republican supervisors we elected chose to impose their ideology
rather than following the other 56 California counties, not to mention
the will of the people. The excuse was that they needed to clarify the
conflict between state and federal law. Yeah, right.

Why is it that the only other county out of all 58 counties in
California was also the conservative Republican San Diego County?

There are 56 counties that chose to follow the will of the people and
the letter of the law and two counties that chose to squander
taxpayers' money to tell us they know better what is good for us.

Wake up, people!

"Liberal" is not a four-letter word and marijuana does not lead to the
use of hard drugs.

Philip Lattuca Jr.

Running Springs

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