Pubdate: Tue, 5 Aug 2008
Source: Fort McMurray Today (CN AB)
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Author: Roland Cilliers
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The RCMP are hailing their Report a Drug House program as a success
after a bust in Abasand.

No charges have been laid, and police won't give the exact location or
even when the house was shut down, but did say it led to the seizure
of drugs, which is exactly what the program set out to do.

"The whole point of that (Report a Drug House) is to take out and
eliminate any residence that is basically being used for drug
activity," said Const. Ali Fayad of the Fort McMurray RCMP.

The RCMP are asking local residents to assist in policing their
neighborhoods by calling in and leaving tips about suspicious
activity, said Fayad.

"If they think there's someone putting up a house and all they're
using it for is drug-related activities, then report it."

Some signs that a residence is a drug house include a large amount of
traffic at all hours of the day, visitors staying for only a short
period of time, strong odours emanating from the building, the windows
are covered, or obvious drug transactions actually observed.

Anyone who has noticed this kind of activity in their community can
call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Citizens can also call local
RCMP detachment at 780-799-8888 to report it directly to the police.

"Eventually, these people are going to realize there not really
welcome in Fort McMurray, especially not in these residential
neighbourhoods," said Fayad. 
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