Pubdate: Mon, 4 Aug 2008
Source: Baraboo News Republic  (WI)
Copyright: 2008 Capital Newspapers
Author: Gary Storck


I usually ignore the crude, juvenile and asinine musings of the
"Argus" column that regularly appears in your publication. But trying
to make a stupid joke at the expense of California medical marijuana
dispensary owner Charles Lynch, on trial and facing federal mandatory
minimums, was the last straw.

Argus doesn't bother to note that Mr. Lynch was in full compliance
with California law. Or that county sheriff's deputies sworn to uphold
California law instead obtained fake ID and lied to acquire real
doctor's notes to infiltrate the dispensary and set up the federal

Isn't it time federal authorities stop corrupting local authorities
and subverting state medical marijuana laws? The medical utility of
cannabis is fact, an overwhelming majority of the people support
medical cannabis, but federal authorities still find taking medicine
from the sick and dying so worthwhile, they are willing to further
fatten that upcoming $482 billion federal deficit.

California's medical marijuana law has been a godsend to thousands of
patients with no alternative. What is really criminal is the Bush
administration's meddling and that is what should be on trial, not
Charles Lynch. Mr. Lynch is a true hero. The author of the Argus
column is a hack. Why not drop it and put in some real news?

Gary Storck,

director of communications,

Is My Medicine Legal YET?,

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